natural · integral · creative ·
versatile · evolutionary · complex ·
diverse · adaptive · spontaneous

Do we use these words to describe the form of the movement or the form of the program?


That's what makes it so easy.


With the RIVERS Circle, we offer you a mobile system that allows you to keep moving continuously and in a variety of ways.

Because continuity and versatility are the keys to everything that movement can provide.

Nature moves

It is scientifically proven that people like to exercise in nature more often, longer, more meaningfully and in a healthier way
Crossiety Movement Circle

Mobile movement

Makes sense

The RIVERS Circle is a compass

Continuity is not rigidly predetermined by a rigid timetable and fixed location. Instead, it is mobility, interconnectedness, and agility coupled with the sheer joy of movement that leads to continuity.

The RIVERS Circle is a mobile solution. Events take place at different locations, outdoors whenever possible. The Movement Circle is advertised in a specially created network, sometimes interactive, sometimes well in advance, sometimes on the fly.

Martin leads the Circles. It is also possible to present your own practice groups in the network.

Spectrum & Goal

Movement Improvisation
Movement Improvisation
Movement Improvisation

The goal is to get and stay in motion, to develop the joy of movement and to experience visible and tangible changes with yourself, your movement and your body. We work on the fundamental qualities of stability, agility, mobility, elasticity, flexibility, fluidity, strength, power and endurance. These are not individual components that are practiced mechanically, one after the other. The Circle introduces you to fascinating RIVERS movements that inspire and motivate you.

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This is how you participate

It has never been easier
  • Register for free in the network. You can register via the website or the app. Be sure to download the app to receive direct information about upcoming events*.
  • Send a request directly from the network that you would like to join the RIVERS Circle group. (Find it using this link or, if you happen to be located in the region of Rifferswil,  the search function on the website/app.) As a member of the group, you can also participate in surveys, post your own training events online, coordinate with others, and more.
  • Boom! Let's get started! Let's move!

  • *Crossiety is a local and secure Swiss networking platform for smart living and networking in your neighborhood, community and region.
    At the moment, the Movement Circle is open to interested people from Switzerland and Germany.
    If you like a organize a workshop wit Martin somewhere else on Planet Earth, let him know.

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