I am not working hard to get yoga lessons streaming or qigong lessons or putting them online. That would simply mean serving consumers again. The present time offers many opportunities, for example, the chance to change from consumer to student. A consumer needs someone to feed him constantly, otherwise there is no movement. A student, on the other hand, works with the input she has received in a class. She listens to the body and with the body, instead of just listening to the teacher. She observes herself, differentiates, integrates. Just as a university student only becomes more competent if he or she does not only sit in lectures, but absorbs the information and continues to work with it, the same applies to movement. The only difference is that in movement you do not learn and develop something external, but you develop yourself and your potential. I am working on an online service, but I am not going to be stressed right now because consumers are helpless. It's aimed at students anyway, and they can manage on their own for a few weeks. This time is also a time of differentiation.The students fall away and find another of the offers to satisfy their hunger. There are thousands of service providers. Fine. The students stay. And it is a time of transformation. If you want, you can use this time to go from being a consumer to a student. It's in your hands, it's your choice. Work with what you already know and feel. That's enough. You don't need anything else for the moment.

⁣⁣Trust yourself.

Plan dna Reality

Boost your immune system! Movement supports your immune system. Movement in groups might not be what you want or can do. So you are thrown back on yourself. So here are a few simple tips on how you can practice at home without too much extra effort:

1. CREATE SPACE. You need space to move. Maybe you have a separate room available for this, but maybe not. Clean up your room, arrange it in such a way that you like to move in it. At the beginning, consciously move into this space and at the end consciously step out of it again. In this way you create a short ritual. Rituals help.

2. Space and TIME work together. Write the time for movement down in your calendar. Make appointments and keep them. Period.

3. MUSIC. If you like it, use it. I personally use UMI music for quiet movement. (Enter "Umi Martin" in your music provider, viola.)

4. Use a MIRROR. The mirror can help you to check yourself and to stay more present.

5. Movement should be a RESOURCE (especially at the moment, but actually always). Especially now it is important that you do not push your system too hard, otherwise it will be vulnerable at the end of the training. As a basic rule: Practice with 70% of your capacity (but always with 100% attention). If you push the limits of your capacity (strength or endurance), then only very briefly. At least 80% of your movement time you are not at that limit.

6. As soon as the weather allows it: Move in NATURE!

And PS 7: One-on-One-Sessions


Shared Levitation

No, we (in the background) look neither elegant nor light as a feather. Synchronicity with Marion and Alan is also far from being the case...
But lifelong learning can look like this. In the best case - like here - you will have fun with new inputs, try out a new field and surprise yourself what you are capable of!

We thank Marion and Alan from the bottom of our hearts for the inspiring and also confirming hours.
The dancing muscle memory is activated and motivated again thanks to shared levitation!


Unser Korsika-Platz (in einer Doppelbelichtung)

We're not going away on a trip to Corsica, we're going back, even if it's your first time. Back to body-being. We are arriving.

We do not just enjoy nature, we are not just in it, we move with it. We are moved by it.

These are subtle shifts of focus that result in a completely different quality of movement.


Werkstatt Affoltern am Albis

The Werkstatt then... and now

Werkstatt Affoltern am Albis

Werkstatt Affoltern am Albis

The picture on top was taken shortly before the workshop opening in 2016. I took the lower pictures yesterday. Today I returned the Werkstatt.
If I would ever have a room again, I would not cover the windows with foil anymore. People should see that and how we move. And without using any special equipment.
Well, I don't think I'll ever be renting a room again. First of all, we move better in nature, more often, easier and longer. On the other hand, RIVERS is nomadic. Not homeless, but fluid. The original home, that is and remains our place in Corsica.
That's why letting go of this room, which in anyway has attracted more consumers than students, is the right step.

Meine Art. Mein Weg.

In preparation for the workshop of 22.02.2020 I tried to chart my path.


Corsica-Video on Instagram


Since the qigong participants asked for it, I have dug up this video again. 5 Elements Qigong. Have fun!


MOVEMENT ADVENTURE CORSICA 2020 | Registration is open from today until March 31. New video on Instagram.


MOVEMENT ADVENTURE CORSICA | A Lighthouse for 17 Years Now

It's important to us that you get a lot to take with you.
Corsica can be your landmark of the year. Year after year you can live a fuller life. Meet with like-minded people again when you return to participate. Acknowledge how much your movement changes and how much you change.

Growing. Becoming. Celebrating life.


If you define yourself through physical movement, who are you in stillness?
If agility, or acrobatics, or strength is your goal, who are you when you are injured or weak?
Give yourself to deep movement, the integral movement which you can always cultivate, at any stage of life, in any situation.


A melody is made up of notes. But it is not quite that simple. The individual notes are related to each other in intervals. A spatial relationship. They are rhythmically related (also called intervals). A relationship of time. And they are in relation to the fundamental note. A relationship of alignment. In every simple melody there is this complex web of three. This texture of three morphs. In phrases, it rises and falls, retreats, rushes forward, seems to stand still, expands...

Movement is melody.


1:1 offers movement solutions for your questions regarding health, fitness, performance and motivation.
As your personal trainer and coach, Martin can identify your individual needs and goals and develop the optimal strategy with you.

Martin Schmid Movement Solutions


Practice sustainably. Extremes do not make sense. Find a rhythm that satisfies your needs, challenges you without overstraining, that is a resource for you instead of taking resources, and that ensures integration and regeneration.
This way your practice can constantly deepen.
(And, to state the obvious: the way you relate to yourself, you relate to your environment).


From a response to a student

Yoga, like Taiji and Qigong, is a body-based path that has proven itself over millennia or centuries. Awakening and maintaining the joy of movement is of central importance in our time, where movement is no longer a "must" in order to get food, for example. Movement has become a "must" in a completely different way. In order to stay physically, psychically, mentally and spiritually fit. To stay human. We know and we are happy that this joy has been awakened in you again. The studio is a place of movement and experience, and that will continue without it. Because, as self-centered as it sounds, it is like this: the studio without us is simply a beautiful room. Where we are, we initiate movement and adventure. Moving and experiencing will even be intensified, because nature is a great amplifier, and there will be more opportunities outdoors.
The necessary manifestation of inner processes in relation to movement itself is a big topic for us, as all our work is based on the realization that body and mind are not something separate. Therefore, for us as initiators of such a process, the criterion for mental/psychological processes is that they should manifest themselves in new physical movements, i.e. in freer movement. Then the process has "arrived". The observation criteria for this are stability, agility, flexibility, elasticity, mobility and fluidity. A further criterion is then how these movements prove themselves and continue to develop in interaction and spontaneity. This is why Open Hands and other interaction modules are so important to us.

The one traditional method promotes more some of the aspects just mentioned, the other method promotes more of the others. This does not devalue any of the methods and traditions or the personal experience of the practitioners, and therefore also not your personal experience. For our very personal work, which is always based on authenticity, it is important to find a way that promotes all these aspects more clearly and easily. The meditative part is not lost in any way, but is the container for it. The cultivating dynamic, one of the key elements of RIVERS, is the meditative part.
More about this will also be presented in the workshop "My Art. My way" on 22.02.

In the last three years you have acquired many tools with which you can pursue your path independently, but also choose new teachers. You can distinguish the right ones from the wrong ones. And there are countless sham teachers, especially in the yoga field. These tools are the most important thing a teacher can teach.


Of course there have been body-based paths of consciousness for thousands of years. But for the most part they are clearly based on a dualistic body-mind worldview. A theology of liberation. On a concept of the Great Chain of Being, stages from the material and worldly up to the spiritual and divine. The denser the more worldly, the more subtle the more divine. Well. Old pigtails.
That is why RIVERS is not a path of consciousness, but a path of movement, and thus a path of interconnection. RIVERS does not use the body as an object, as a means to an end, or as matter with the sole aim of transsubstantialising it. Although we subtlize, even essentialize, all this happens with and within the body, without it it is not possible. It is a process that is never complete. We do not transsubstantialize anything. When you finally leave this old dualism behind, everything becomes transparent. Leaving it behind is a stage that you will inevitably reach on an integral path of movement, if you don't stand on your old pigtails yourself. To open is the key.


If you only like green, you won't appreciate the rainbow. If you like the spectrum, you will enjoy every rainbow.
RIVERS is a rainbow.


Unless you're a performer, it doesn't matter what it looks like. It matters what it feels like.


There is no end. There are only rivers, bridges, circles and spirals. And the Ocean of Motion.


The transition is initiated, the bridge is already in place. The Werkstatt in Affoltern am Albis will close its doors on 24.02.2020. Golden River (the name of the Werkstatt) merges into RIVERS. RIVERS will become what it has always been: nomadic. To mark this occasion, this website is being launched today. Various events will take place until closing, for transition and continuation. The RIVERS Circle is initiated. 1:1 sessions are still possible and recommended; in addition, there are packages for schools and businesses. The Movement Circle, Sessions, Corsica and the video platform @Home, which is currently under construction, provide a powerful and comprehensive movement network for movement enthusiasts and those who want to become one.

Movement notes

Movement notes

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