Terms & Conditions

1. Purpose of the GTC
The person registering has read and understood these terms and conditions and confirms this at the time of registration.

2. Liability
Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.

3. Refund in case of cancellation
3.1 The registration is binding. Cancellation is possible at the latest two weeks before the start of the course.(1) After that, the full course fee is required.(2)
(1) Exception: Course trips and events in course houses, which must be booked early. The cancellation deadline is the stated registration deadline (the latest date for registration). After this date, the entire course fee including the share for accommodation is due. We recommend a travel cancellation insurance. Please check with your insurance company.
(2) The course begins on the official date on which the course begins. Should a participant not be able to attend the first course or course day, the first course or course day is still considered the start of the course. No claims for a postponed cancellation deadline or price reduction can be made.

3.2 If a cancellation takes place after the cancellation deadline (see point 3.1.), the course fee will not be refunded, unless the person cancelling the course provides a paying substitute participant.
3.3 If the course is cancelled prematurely by the participant, no course fee will be refunded. In the case of payment by instalments, the remaining amount to be paid must still be paid.
3.4 Private lessons must be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. After that 65 CHF will be charged.

4. Cancellation of courses/private lessons
If a course or a private lesson has to be cancelled by the organizer, the organizer does not assume any liability for any possible arising activities. Course fees already paid will be refunded in full. Private lessons see point 3.4.

5. Rejection of registrations
An application may be rejected without justification if the course instructor is of the opinion that the requirements are not met. This decision cannot be contested.

6. Termination of a course
6.1 A cancellation of a course by the participant does not lead to a refund of course fees/expenses.
6.2 The management can refuse a participant further participation in a course if it considers this measure to be mandatory in order to maintain the quality of the course and to ensure safety. In Corsica, the non-refunding of course fees/expenses also applies to accommodation booked by course leaders; likewise, no payment is made for accommodation booked by the participant himself/herself. In this case, the course fees for the remaining course that cannot be attended will be fully refunded. Accommodation costs and other expenses are at the expense of the participant. This decision cannot be contested.

7. Contributions health insurance/further education
Some health insurance companies may pay an amount to certain offers. The same applies to contributions to continuing education. Individual clarification is up to the participants. The organizer is not responsible for amounts that are not refunded.

8. Verbal registration
In case of verbal conclusion of a contract, the general terms and conditions apply as well as in case of written registration.

9. Documentation
By registering for a course, the registering person agrees that any documentation (photos, videos, sound recordings, feedback on courses) on which or from which the person can be identified can be published on the website and associated social networks.

Last updated 12 July 2019